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PEGA Java Script API


I am trying to use PEGA Java Script APIS like LaunchHarness, LaunchLocalAction.My requirement is to launch a modal Dialog Whenever a user login. User can be developer , user, Manager etc. I tried using normal JS to click a button on a section to launch local action in harness and used the script in UserWorkForm. It is working fine.But i can not add a button for Developer portal harness as it is final rule. So i am trying the new approach using LaunchLocalAction JS API from UserWorkForm. But it is not getting executed.

My Script is as follows:-

<script type="text/javascript"> 

var options = { flowAction: "Modaldialog1", displayMode:"pega.api.ui.constants.MODAL_DIALOG", flowActionClass: "Data-Portal", };  pega.api.ui.actions.launchLocalAction(options);  });    </script>

It looks like some parameters or syntax issue to me.

for Launchharness API, it is getting executed but Harness is not loaded properly and few parts of older harness are also displayed.

Script for LaunchHarness is as follows:-

<script type="text/javascript">         pega.u.d.attachOnload(function(){






});       </script>

I have tried all the other options but no success and it is bit urgent so any help will be really appreciated.


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Pega Platform 8.3 Data Integration
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