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Ravi Verma (RaviV223)
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Infosys Ltd
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Posted: February 19, 2020
Last activity: February 19, 2020

PEGA Knowledge troubleshooters - exposed as API

Hello Team,

I have two queries regarding PEGA Troubleshooters functionality -

  1. If I build a troubleshooter then can that be exposed as an API to other systems. Example: I have a Customer Portal and using PEGA as Agent Desktop. If I build a troubleshooter then can my customer portal consume the PEGA troubleshooter as an API?
  2. Trouble shooter seems to be defined as a hierarchy with questions, answers, next questions etc. i.e. static information. Can I call external APIs while defining the hierarchy. Example: Customer says my Internet is not working and trouble shooter checks if the customer have Internet product itself (by say calling getProduct API exposed by middleware) or not before taking to next level.


Ravi Verma


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Pega Knowledge 8.1 Data Integration