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Pega Load balancing and automatic update of nodes

Hi All,

We are doing our application development in cloud environment version 7.2, we have 4 nodes for our environment.

I know that when one of the node is over burdened in cluster with heavy DB pool size or if there are any memory issues pega will automatically swap out that node and replace new node in its place and when this new node is added the agent schedule rule is formed based on agent rule.

my question here is when a environment faces this issue multiple times, will pega swap one of the running node with a old node that was disabled earlier if it does is the agent schedule rule formed again based on agent rule or it will pick the old rule.

for example if initially environment was running on nodes 1,2,3,4 and due to some issues 2 and 4 were disabled in that place 5 and 6 were added now again due to some issue if 1 or 3 fail will 2 or 4 nodes brought back into the running status or not and how their agent schedule rule is formed

and what kind of algorithm is used in backend for switching or swapping between nodes like: roundrobbin or something

Thank you,

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