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Posted: April 24, 2020
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Pega Marketing - Offer image is not coming in strategy exceution response.

I have the following problem - 

What has been done -


In Marketing portal -> I have created Business issue and groups. I have created an Offer for a particular issue and group combination. I have added an image to the offer. 

I am calling D_NBAContainer from the customer service screen to run a strategy in Pega Marketing and return back the eligible offers to the customer. When I get the offers we get a lot of data for the offers but not the image.

Expected - 


I am expecting that when I call D_NBAContainer from the Pega Customer service stack to run the strategy I should get back one of the offers and the corresponding image should also be sent in the REST response. 



All other details of the offer are being displayed , however the image is not coming up. Also the same image is not showing up when we go to Development Studio -> Decisioning and open up the appropiate propostion , I do not see the image anywhere. I need to get the image I put in the Offer configuration screen ( in Pega Marketing) as part of the response when I call D_NBAContainer from the Customer service screen to show the images on screen.

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