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Posted: August 12, 2020
Last activity: August 20, 2020

Pega Mobile Offline in Cosmos 8.4

Hi All,

We are using Pega 8.4.1 instance with cosmos for our users. We also have a requirement to implement mobile off with offline capabilities. But cosmos doesn't support offline capabilities in 8.4.

We checked all the options before posting here.

1. Use two design systems: This won't work as we cannot have two different design systems for a singleapplication.

2. Move to UI Kit. We came to know that UI-Kit is getting deprecated in next releases. So its not best idea to develop in UI-Kit now.

3. Build two applications. One with Cosmos and another one with UI Kit.App A will be using Cosmos and App B will be built on top of App B with UI Kit. This will work but separating an application means, we need to have different access groups, portals etc.

4. Check if Cosmos supports offline in 8.5. I am not sure whether it supports offline but our customer is interested to migrate to 8.5 as well.


Please suggest on the above. Thanks in advance.




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Pega Platform 8.4.1 Mobile User Experience