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Vitaliy Orfenov (OrfenovV)

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Posted: 3 weeks 2 days ago
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Pega not handling event that being executed via JS after updating from Pega 7.2.2 to 8.5.2 in Google Chrome

Hello everyone! Right now we are testing the whole process on Pega 8.5.2 to migrate production environment to this version and we faced some issues with custom JS controls based on MaterializeUI library

Dropdown control behaviour is overriden by attached JS code and in Pega 7.2.2 it works as expected: change of selected option triggers refresh of section. But in 8.5.2 version click on dropdown option is not triggering a change event in Pega and section isn't being refreshed. Configuration of "Actions" tab of dropdown control also attached.

The first thought was that there is something with jQuery selectors. Maybe some of them are deprecated in 3.5.1 or some of them are deleted. But after testing control's behaviour we noticed that event is not triggered only in Chromium-based browsers (Edge, Google Chrome), in IE and Firefox everything is ok. We also compared information about deprecated and deleted methods from official jQuery documentation and none of them is used in attached JS code. I placed couple of debugging logs to see if selectors work wrong or something, but content of logs is identical (screenshots of Firefox and Chrome logs is attached) in Firefox and Chrome, which leads us to conclusion, that the problem is not in JS code.

So my question is were there some changes in Pega event handling which could lead to behaviour descripted above


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