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Pega OCR


I am trying to utilize the built in OCR functionality Pega has recently released.

The below article outlines a new component Pega has built "DocumentOCR" component.…

I have made sure to install the latest version of the The Studio environment as well as have downloaded and run the exe within the "Robotic Automation OCR Essentials - for Robotics SP1 2003 and higher" downloadable. I have an existing web automation. I know i have installed the OCR essentials correctly as i am able to use methods like "ClickByOcr" on certain windows like when i interogated a "Save as" window.

My goal is to use the new functionality within the Document OCR component to take an existing PDF which contains a scanned image and use the ProcessToPDF method outlined in the release link to convert the scanned image into text. For some reason i am unable to find ProcessToPDF method in the toolbox nor am i able to find the Document OCR component. Any assistance setting up the Document OCR component or using the methods enclosed would be much welcomed.


Robotic Process Automation
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