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Pawel Nowak (nowap)
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Posted: August 2, 2018
Last activity: August 9, 2018

Pega Onboarding (CLM/KYC) - unwanted class groups after setup of the new application


I observed, that the New Application wizards creates two extra/unwanted class groups (Grp1, Grp2) for "CLM for FS - Corporate and Investment Banking" strategic application, where …-Grp1-… keeps all the CLM/KYC rules and …-Grp2-… has only duplicate of …-Grp1-Requirement class and it’s empty.

Issue described by me seems to be a known problem of the New Application wizard, when a Pega Strategic Application is built on more than one application, like “CLM for FS - Corporate and Investment Banking” is.

In that situation the New Application wizard adds unwanted work groups to the class structure and there is no option to skip that during application setup, so if customer would like to have a clean class structure (without -Grp1-, -Grp2-) and single class group, then a manual refactoring is required.

1. Why New Application wizard doesn't allow to skip creation of those unwanted class groups?

2. What might happen when I’ll remove class …-Work-Grp2-Requirement? Is it an extension point? What is the reason of having this class group in CLM application?

3. Did anyone refactored classes …-Work-Grp1-… under…-Work-… and used only one class group?


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