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Pega Platform 7.3.0 and Pega Marketing 7.22

I am trying to configure an agent to call a remote API and then update the return status back to database. In the following step in the agent, it will retrieve those records with errors and send emails to the campaign creator to notify them of the errors. 1 agent process can pick up multiple campaign result, and these campaigns may be created by various marketing users.

I know I will need to do the following:

1) Use RDB-List to retrieve the list of error records

2) Do a loop in OOTB function.

3) Within the loop, I will append the records into the email body to be sent. Upon a change in the campaign ID, I will call the "SendEmailinBatch" module to send out the emails.

I only know this high level procedure. Please advise how shall I achieve it in configuring the Agent, the more detail, the merrier.

Very much appreciated for any useful input.


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