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Pega Platform 8.3 in-place upgrade question

I am going to upgrade Pega Platform from 7.1.7 to 8.3. I decide to use in-place upgrade. From my understanding, in-place upgrade will perform the upgrade to the current Rules and Data schemas. But from the instruction below to run fixZosTriggers it requires oldrulesschema and newrulesschema. Can I put the same schema name to oldrulesschema and newrulesschema?


Run fixZosTriggers.bat or fixZosTriggers.bat with the following arguments: --action preupgrade --dataschema < The name of your dataschema > --oldrulesschema <The name of the old rules schema. If you are upgrading from a single schema system, this is the data schema name.> --newrulesschema <The name of the new rules schema> --automaticddl <Optional. Set to 'true' to have the disable trigger SQL scripts applied automatically.>

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