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Posted: July 13, 2020
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Pega Platform Activities running local binaries

Hi folks,

We have a Pega Platform based application called Moose. We are looking to integrate with an internal system called Buganizer via a python based executable binary.

The intent is to have Pega/Moose iexecute the binary and pass along parameters from a Pega/Moose case. The binary when locally run via command line on the VMs can integrate with an internal system called Buganizer/Issue Tracker. The issue (aka  a ticket) info should be returned from the binary and then processed by the Pega/Moose TD workflow. 

The intended steps are: 1. Pega executes binary from a case workflow ->  2. Binary invokes Bifrost/Buganizer API  ->  3. Buganizer issue is created and returned to the Binary ->  4. Binary returns issue info to Pega ->  5. Pega updated pega case info with issue info

Some development had been done in Moose using a stubbed, Java based binary simulating steps 1-4-5 but the Java code couldn't connect to the Buganizer API. Moose was able to execute the binary and retrieve the response using stubbed data properly. After cutting over to a Python based binary, steps 2-3-4 are working when run locally from the machine, but now we're having challenges with step 1.

We have been working on an activity and is exploring using Jython, but we wanted to know the thoughts of the team here on if there is a different Ootb action that we can take.

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