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Posted: August 11, 2020
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Pega Platform nodetypes restart order

Hello we need assistance on our Pega platform restart sequence, what is the correct process to take. Our infrastructure, we have separate VMs for each application services: VM1) WebUser VM2) BackgroundPRocessing VM3) Stream & Search VM4) RTDG & Realtime VM5) DDS VM6) Batch Two things I would like to know 1) What is the dependency and order of restart for these services. For instance, RTDG requires DDS to be up and running before it can start-up, and the order of startup should be Stream, BackgroundPRocessing, etc etc 2) On the stop/start does it all services have to stop before starting them back up ? Can we do restarts of each JVM, for instance, say the order of start up is Stream, BckgroundProcessing, WebUser...Instead of stopping WebUser, BackgroundPRocessing, Stream and then start Stream, BackgroundPRocessing, and Webuser....Can a person just do restarts on each JVM like stop then start Stream, stop then start BackgroundProcessing, stop then start Stream? Instead of stopping them all completely down then starting them up?


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