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Posted: March 5, 2020
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Pega PRPC Containerization


I am trying to containerize Pega PRPC using the instructions given at As per my understanding, we should setup the Pega Rules Database before deploying Pega PRPC using helm charts. Hence, I am trying to setup PRPC Rules database using  but I am getting the below error every time

Checking valid action Invalid action '' passed. Valid actions are :  install, upgrade, install-deploy, upgrade-deploy, pre-upgrade, post-upgrade


I issued the below command:

helm install pegadbsvc ./pegadb/ --set service.type=NodePort -f pegadb/values.yaml


helm install pegadbsvc ./pegadb/ --set service.type=NodePort --values pegadb/values.yaml


My values.yaml looks like this



actions:   action: "install"   execute: "install"

replicaCount: 1

image:   repository: nginx   pullPolicy: IfNotPresent

imagePullSecrets: [] nameOverride: "" fullnameOverride: ""

serviceAccount:   # Specifies whether a service account should be created   create: true   # Annotations to add to the service account   annotations: {}   # The name of the service account to use.   # If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template   name:

podSecurityContext: {}   # fsGroup: 2000

securityContext: {}   # capabilities:   #   drop:   #   - ALL   # readOnlyRootFilesystem: true   # runAsNonRoot: true   # runAsUser: 1000

service:   type: ClusterIP



Please let me know how to pass action value and resolve the issue. Any help is much appreciated

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