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Posted: 3 weeks 2 days ago
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Pega PRRestService HealthCheck

Good afternoon everyone,

I am trying to improve on a health check that we currently have set up on our Pega Application servers.  I am on the Network side of things so I don't have much visibility into the application side other than what I see from the URI of the Healthcheck. 

So my question is, what part of the URI will let me know that the application is prepared to accept connections?


I see three things here: 1) HTML-STREAM-CHECK, "status":"success" 2) "ServiceRegistry-Check","status":"success" and 3) "state":"healthy"

My assumption is that 1 and 2 need to be success so 3 has the node of "healthy".  What other values could this "healthy" value be?  Is the assumption that if the "healthy" is part of the string that is what I should trigger my alert off of?

Thanks all.

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