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Pega REST service recording 401 response code though it is serving with http code 200

I have a service where it responds for an inbound request coming from different application.

Though everything look normal, in access logs there is additional response recording with http code 401 as below (altered the service names for security purpose). Could someone please suggest where it might go wrong in Pega? [30/Jul/2019:10:45:50 +0100] HTTP/1.1 8080 POST /prweb/PRRestService/abcd/x2/cases 401 - 82 - POST /prweb/PRRestService/abcd/x2/cases HTTP/1.1 [30/Jul/2019:10:45:52 +0100] HTTP/1.1 8080 POST /prweb/PRRestService/abcd/v2/cases 201 237 1858 - POST /prweb/PRRestService/abcd/x2/cases HTTP/1.1

here, the response codes highlighted are showing two different responses within 2 seconds interval recorded in access logs.

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