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Posted: March 23, 2017
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PEGA returns search results from another PEGA instance on the same server


We're seeing a strange behavior when using the native PEGA search features (in a search input box on our Front-End UI).

First, I have to talk about our current configuration.
We have one server with multiple PEGA instances deployed on it. Let's say:
- /home/instance1/pega/...
- /home/instance2/pega/...

We've noticed that when searching for work-objects in the search box on instance1, we're seeing work objects from instance1 (as expected), but also from instance2 (not what we expect). When we try to open objects from instance2 in our instance1, we get an error message because the work-object cannot be found (as expected, since the object doesn't exist in instance1).

In our indexation screen (Designer Studio-->System-->Settings-->Search), each instance has its own Node ID and Index File Directory, so there's no reason for the search results to "collide" with another PEGA instance.
We know that there is a way to configure the server XML files so that we restrict the IP addresses that we can connect with, but since all our instances are on the same server, we can't use that.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? We really think this is a problem linked to the indexing, because originally we were trying to reduce the amount of work-object types returned in search results, yet we still see work-objects from another instance.

We're using PEGA 7.1.8.

Thanks for your help.

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