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Posted: February 3, 2020
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Pega Robot runtime getting Robot Assignment

Hello Dear Pega enthusiasts,

I have a question regarding getting assignment by robots from Robot queue in Robot manager. Robot usually does not the case from the queue immediatly , it waits 30seconds.

My question is how to manage polling interval for robot in RPA?

I know this has been answered in 2017 here:

but if there has been any changes I would appreciate. as our solution is running live.

Our current solution runs live, where client submits data on the webpage, these data go to backend system then to pega platform, then directly to robot in VM where robot processes the case in our system application, when finishes its job, robot returns result back to front end system, where client waits currently 1-2min.

our approach is to reduce this time as in 21st century client should not wait 2min in front of the screen, waiting results from his request.



Pega Platform Robotic Process Automation
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