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Veneela Adusumalli (VeneelaA)
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Posted: June 5, 2018
Last activity: June 7, 2018

Pega Robotics : Assigning values issue with Auto Populate Textbox in Pega screens


We are facing issues in one of the use cases for Pega Robotics Automation.

As part of the automation we are interrogating a textbox on the pega workflow site , which has auto populate feature enabled.

For the use case we need to set the value of the text box but because of this feature it is no accepting the value properly and giving back the error.

We tried many options as below :

·Wrote JavaScript method at document level to invoke the keys and enter the text.

·Tried raise event for the control. (onchange , onblur , keydown , keypress, select etc)

Below is the textbox tag from view source, where we don't see any specific event to trigger.

<input type='text' data-ctl='["AutoCompleteAG"]' autocomplete='off' autocorrect='off' autocapitalize='off' name='$PpyWorkPage$pLossDetailsList$l1$pCauseOfClaimDesc' id='CauseOfClaimDesc' data-skip-ac="yes" validationType='required'class="autocomplete_input ac_" value="" data-attributes='[ "EXPANDEDSubSectionBasicLossInfo46_CauseOfClaimDesc",0,0,{"LOB" : ".LOB","OE" : "Literal_"},"pyWorkPage.LossDetailsList(1)"]' />

Any suggestions around this issue?

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