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Pega Robotics Excel connector issues

Hello I have 2 questions


1) Iam trying to save/download excel file from a web application and then edit the excel. The process is when i hit save button on the webapp the excel file should be downloaded into my downloads folder. In my automation iam using file exists before i proceed to next step of editing the file but file exists method returns false as file hasnt completed download yet. There is no waitforcreate option for files. Any suggestions how to resolve this


2)I am actually trying to update cells(rows) with same formula and there are 70,000 rows in the excel and doing a for loop and updating using set cell value takes 45 mins. is there a way to bulk updates of cells in excel ? Or is there a way to use SendKeys to flash fill all the cells in the column. Same formula need to be copied to 70k rows. Other option I thought is writing a C# script to create OLEDB connection from Excel and do bulk updates. Please let me know if there is better solution for this.

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