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Pega Robotics: Get formula text from filtered excel document

I am building an automation that needs to filter 3 columns of an excel document - after this is done only one row of the document should be remaining. In that remaining row, one of the cells contains a complex formula (picture of the structure of the formula is attached as formula.png) which contains a hyperlink that I need to parse out. I am able to filter the excel document and set the background color of the remaining cells in pink, and then get the range of the single remaining cell that contains a formula and highlight that in green. An image of the final filtered excel document is attached (excel.png) as well as the automation that I am using to filter the excel (automation.png). Now, I am looking to get the formula text from that final green range (rangeProxy5) so I can extract the link and launch it in a separate window/adapter. But, I can only seem to find methods that get the value from a specific cell (not formulas or hyperlinks). Is there any way that this can be done? Also when I hover over the cell it gives me the final concatenated hyperlink, is there any way I can get this value instead of having to concat the hyperlink together myself?

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