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Posted: August 15, 2017
Last activity: August 23, 2018

Pega Robotics Solution exposed as a web service using HTTPS

Hi everyone!

I've setup a solution which uses the Service item to expose parts of the solution as a web service and generates the WSDL for the client to consume (attached jpeg of the bits related to my questions).

I've tested successfully using HTTP service binding. I need to add security and use HTTPS before deploying in a production environment.

I can add HTTPS to the service binding and it gives you an option of using a certificate. I've asked for a certificate to be created in-house, but have never dealt with their creation before.

They've asked me to generate Certificate Signing Request (CRS). Is there a way to generate this within Pega Robotics Studio? Does it use a version of IIS that I would need to generate it from?

When I'm given the certificate do I need to add/change anything for the Service Contracts listed in the Service?

When setting the Client Credential to Certificate under the HTTPS service binding are there any other modifications I should update?

Do I need to handle any of the HTTPS security within an automation or will it be as seamless as it is to use HTTP once I have the certificate?

Is a certificate even the best way to enable HTTPS communication in a Pega Robotic solution exposed as a web service?

Thank you for any assistance or ideas!


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