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Pega Robotics Studio 8: generating a random number

We had a requirement to generate a random number between 1 and n.

I found a component called "RandomNumberGenerator.Create" inside mscorlib.dll, but I couldn't figure out how to use it so I eventually wrote the following script:

General internet searches seem to suggest that RandomNumberGenerator is superior in randomness than the System Random which I used; does anyone know how to use it? Alternatively, does System Random exist as a component, or is writing a script the only way to use it?

This last question generalizes into the question on how we are supposed to use mscorlib.dll: as it can only be browsed and not searched, it's difficult to know what is inside in it's entirety, and where we are supposed to look to use functions which we know which Microsoft makes available to C# developers (I could not find the "Random" one but, for example, many of the string functions are made available as components). Are there any developers guidelines as to what we can expect from ".NET Framework Components", what should be inside "Pega Robotics Static Members" (mscorlib.dll or otherwise), and what we should just write as scripts?

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