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Pega Robotics Studio 8: password management for automations (SSO)

One of the responses to my following post was related to ASO Manager component for password management.

My best understanding of what this component does is, it takes the credentials (user/password) which a user enters and saves it in an encrypted store so that if the user needs to access the same system again in the same run, they don't have to re-enter credentials. It does not, however, store the passwords perpetually so that the user never has to enter the password.

If this understanding is correct, it does not meet our requirement which has the user not even knowing the credentials: they run the robot which then signs on to the system on their behalf. Currently we have these credentials hardcoded in our automations, a practice we would like to stop.

The problem is this: even if there is a credential store, any user (human or robot) has to reference that store using some sort of a key in order to identify which credentials are theirs: do we then hard code that key into the automation? If so, we are back to square one. What is really needed is some sort of a SSO method, perhaps whereby the credentials are stored inside AD alongside their windows login, so that each user piggy backs on their windows credentials to get their credentials for the system. Is there anything like this with Robotics?

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