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Pega Robotics: Unable to assign string value to global variable

Environment - Using Pega Robotics 19.1.81 plugin with VS2015

I am unable to assign value to a Global variable.

Following are the steps I did:

1) Created a globalDictionary object in _GC_Activities in Adapter Project

2) Added a global variable <Value Name = "Log" Type= "String"/> in the interaction.xml

3) In the adapter project setting the value of GlobalDictionary Log object. Out from the stringUtils.Concat is assigned to Log. I even tried setting value from a string variable

4) Created a globalDictionary object in _GC_Controller Project. This points to the same interaction.xml as the adapter Project

5) Added an automation in Controller Project under Events folder. GlobalDictionary -OnLogChanged.and doing some code


Things not happening:

1) In the adapter project the value output from StringUtils is not getting set to globalDictionary Log variable (global variable)


Pega Robotic Process Automation 19.1 Robotic Process Automation