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Posted: October 30, 2020
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Pega Robotics - unable to hook the web adapter to a windows adapter


I have a requirement to launch my Pega portal from a windows application.I have tried to create a Windows adapter for this and defined the properties as follows :

Path : <given the name of the .exe file>

TargetPath : <given the name of the pega URL it launches>

StartMethod : StartandWait

When I start my interrogation, the windows application runs,displays a modal window which asks me for which Pega region i would like to access, once i choose the region, it determines the corresponding URL, and opens that region in the chosen browser (here IE).

My interrogation ends once i select the region and hit submit. To overcome this, i added the target path as the region i am selecting.

It is opening that application but can't interrogate this Pega portal (which would need a web adapter). How do i establish a connection between the windows and web adapter now?

Environment Details :

Studio v19.1.52.0

OS : Windows 10

Pega Robotic Desktop Automation 19.1 Robotic Process Automation Insurance