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Stephen Stone (StephenS9927)
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Posted: December 16, 2020
Last activity: December 16, 2020

Pega Robotics: Use Target Methods Instead of Control Methods

Hi all,

I am in building an automation which will interact with a web application.  I have built it to launch the webpage with IE because Chrome has some limitations with what we need to accomplish.  The website I am working with has built-in security to detect specific events before it will acknowledge data has been entered into text boxes.  I have tried to follow the events by testing target methods but they cannot be easily replicated using available RaiseEvent methods.

However, while I was testing the target methods, I was able to get past the validations using the "AppendText" method within Test Target Methods.  The website finally recognized I had input data.  Here is the list of test methods when I test target methods:

(Image of Test Methods)

After creating the control in object explorer I was surprised to see that the control no longer has a method called "AppendText".  I can only change the "Text" property to populate the text box which doesn't perform any additional action on the website and was the problem to begin with.  


How can I replicate the same "AppendText" target method within my automation when I can only use control methods?  

Here is the list of methods after I click on Show Inherited when testing control methods:

(Text box control methods)


I want to avoid trying to replicate send keys onto the web application through unconventional means if at all possible.  Websites are becoming more secure, which is understandable and respectable, but it makes innocent automation activities much more difficult when we need to replicate specific user inputs and modifications.

Thank you,


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