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Pega Rule form As-of-Date circumstance conversion to Start Date 7.3.1

Im performing an upgrade from Pega 6.3 SP1 to Pega 7.3.1.

I ask again the question found in an other post, where the answer has been archived (…) :
PRPC doesn't support As-of-Date circumstance on its rule-form. Instead we should be using Start Date[ End date as null] to apply the same circumstance logic. However, is there any OOTB tool/wizard/mechanism with which this conversion can be done on the rule forms of existing rules?

We have over 16000 rules with circ date in our system, 14 years of development, I can't imagine perform a 1 by 1 method as proposed by Pega.

In my opinion, when you perform a change like that, you should make your application support both method as one method (both date as one date). We should be able to have the same rule name with circDate using the startDate (new rule) and circDateValue (old rule).

I have validated in Pega 6.3, I can't use the Start Date, since it's using the current date instead of the property "pyCircumstanceDateProp". So, I can't perform the change before my upgrade, to facilitate the conversion.

Thank you for your answer

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