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Pega SA v7.3.1 pre-requisites and dependencies

Hi all,

I need to verify if the following configuration options can be allowed and supproted by Pega.

1) Is it possibile this type of configuration on the following existing stack:

Platform v.7.3

Pega Customer Service v. 7.2.1 FS

Pega Sales Automation v. 7.3.1

(only this specific strategic application; no Pega CS v.7.3.1)

The question is if it’s possible to install only and separately, Pega Sales Automation v. 7.3.1 on the existing stack ( bold line), described above. We would like to know if we could update this Pega architecture only with the installation of Pega SA V.7.3.1, maintaining the existing version of Platform (7.3) and pega CS v.7.2.1 FS

2) On the PDN I do not find the list of Hotfixes for Pega Sales Automation v 7.3.1. As you see from the attachment (PDN - Pega sales Automation Hotfixes.pdf), the only specified Hotfixes are for Pega SA v.7.2.2. Does it mean that the only prerequisite for Pega SA V7.3.1 is Platform v.7.3.1?

3) Starting from the existing stack described above (bold line), are currently known some impacts or issues introduced by the updating of Platform from 7.3 to 7.3.1 and updating of Pega CS v. 7.2.1 FS to Pega CS v.7.3.1?

You can see these questions on the attached file also.

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