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Pega-SearchEngine DSS settings are overwritten and reset to default values Pega 8.1.2

The settings are associated with the Pega-SearchEngine ruleset and have a purpose prefixed with indexing/distributed/* Examples are:

Pega-SearchEngine • indexing/distributed/index_enabled = false

Steps to Reproduce

  • Change one or several of the affected DSS using Designer Studio. For example, set Pega-SearchEngine • indexing/distributed/index_enabled as false 
  • Restart the application server
  • Check the DSS setting. It is reset to the default setting of true

As per a article we have updated one more DSS to Set the below DSS to skip bootstrapping but the resolution not worked for us.

Pega-SearchEngine * indexing/distributed/autonodecleanupandreindex = false…

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