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Posted: December 18, 2019
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Pega SWIFTNet Advanced E&I Rulebook FW 8.2 compatibility with Smart Investigate for Payments 8.3 and Pega Platform 8.3

Hi All,

We are planning for an upgrade from 7.2.2 to Pega Platform 8.3 along with the following frameworks:

- SWIFTNet Advanced E&I Rulebook 7.11
- Pega Smart Investigate for Payments 7.11

As I understand from the Product documentation, the latest framework release version for Smart Investigate for Payments is 8.3 and the latest version released for SWIFTNet E&I Rulebook Framework is 8.2

Could you please confirm if we could still upgrade to Pega Platform 8.3, SI for Payments 8.3 and have the SWIFT Net FW upgraded to 8.2?

Below are my findings:

1. There is a hotfix HFix-58873 available which is a compatible patch on Pega Smart Investigate for payments 8.3

2. There is a note in the SI for Payments 8.3 FW Release Notes:
Note: Built on layers for Pega Smart Investigate for Payments such as Pega Advanced E&I Rulebook, Pega Smart Investigate for Securities, and Pega Self-Service for Smart Investigate have not been updated to v8.3. Customers with any of these applications or their ruleset in the stack who attempt to upgrade or install may have to reach out to Pega GCS for confirmation on the compatibility of these applications with Pega Smart Investigate for Payments 8.3. For further questions, contact Pega Global Customer Support (GCS).

Appreciate your quick response. Thanks in advance.

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