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Prasanna Tuladhar (tulap)
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Posted: January 27, 2017
Last activity: February 8, 2017

Pega Update and Upgrade (out of Box) and Migration script issues ?

Can we get a clear statement from Product or Upgrade/Update Team from pega why Pega recomends using migration script for Out of box approach and recommends against using vendor specifics tool ? The only reasonable explanation I can see is that there are several stored procedures and functions which might have hard-coded schema names in it and needs to be taken care of if standard migration scripts are not used.

The migrations script or Update guide also does NOT say what to do if there are failures during coping process due to constratint violation etc.

Also copying 10-20 gb of data which this script uses is not performant as it copies gigabytes of data to and from Database. Database Vendor tools in such cases would definitely perform better since data would NOT have been transferred. Also there is less risk with network and connection issues should they go wrong.

Also why does the migration script ( not do some kind of pre-validation checks beforehand with rules data if there are new contraints etc.. introduecd in new pega version ?

The main issue is that if the schema copying of RULE schema fails the customer has to cleanup the new RULE schema objects, cleanup and fix the data or records in old RULE schema and restart from beginning. This cost about 2-3 hours of time and unecessary hassle. There should definitely be a better error handling.

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