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Pega v7.2 (Cloud Setup) Agent Run contingency running on Background processing node

Hi Team,

There is a scenario as below:

We have 4 node setup:

2 Web nodes , 1 BIX and 1 BackgroundProcessing

- Agent configured to run on Background processing node type.

-As per Pega recommendation , we do not use Web/BIX nodes for the agent job and hence only the util node

Scenario : The util node faces some network error/goes unresponsive and the agent schedue didn't run.

Impact: Agent run missed and wait for another noe to come up and agent runs only on next schedule time

Question here is:

Do we have any contingency to make sure even if the above scenario occurs , the agent runs? Is there any load balancing setup that in case of failover the agent can still run?


To handle such scenarios,explicit request for a new util node should be made so that we have 2 util nodes and agent to be enabled on both, in case one fails the other node can run the agent?

Any other suggestions are welcome!

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