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Pega V8.1 support for Oracle version 19c

As per Pega platform support guide, V8.1 supports Oracle 12c and does not support Oracle 19c. The latest update shows that only PegaV8.4 supports Oracle 19c. 

Also, as per Oracle support documents, the premier support for Oracle 12c has ended on 31st July 2019 and extended support is ending soon in July 2021. Based on this, the Oracle DB team of bank has decided to upgrade to Oracle 19c to be on latest available version.

In this case, is there any feasibility to get a Hot-fix/branch release from Pega engineering team to make Pega v8.1.7 support Oracle19c?

The application was upgraded from Pega 7.x to V8.1.7 last year only and if we can not get the fix to make it support Oracle 19c, we need to plan for another Pega upgrade to V8.4 which is not very much acceptable to bank considering none of the current application use cases is requiring any new feature of V8.4, hence, an immediate Pega upgrade is not the best way to go.

Requesting confirmation from Pega moderators/ engineering team members.

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