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Posted: January 13, 2020
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Pega Websocket Security Configuration

Hi Pega Community!

I have done some searching without much luck on this topic: How to secure the websocket traffic that is being used by OOTB PRPushServlet (Platform v8.2.2) - this websocket connection is used in conjunction with the Notification Channels.

A security scan of our application with 3rd party tools alerted us to a Cross Site Websocket Hijacking vector.

It seems the most basic Websocket security steps are not taken by the platform by default (Like white-listing the origin(s) of websocket connection request coming into the server). This can be simply tested here: - URL = ws(s)://<host>:<port>/<root>/PRPushServlet - it connects with no problem.

Is it possible to implement this origin check and any further Websocket security considerations?


***Moderator Edit-Vidyaranjan: Updated SR details***

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