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PEGA722 DSS update delays

Hi We are facing an issue with Dynamic system settings update.

Process: We have two agents that run in sequence. After Agent 1 complete its processing , it will notify the agent 2 to start its processing. The update occur through DSS. After processing the data by set1 agents, an update will be made to DSS with a timestamp. Agent 2 check for the DSS for change in timestamp every 5 minutes, once it notice the change in timestamp, it stats processing.

Issue: After completing agent 1 processing DSS are being updated, but agent two gets delayed anywhere between 20 to 1 hour 20 Minutes. The update is not getting reflected instantaneously.

This is happening only with 722. The same application on 718 with same process does not have any issues.

We are thinking something about the caching issue and researching , any advice would be helpful.


Venkat M.

System Administration
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