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Posted: August 25, 2016
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PegaCALL and Avaya AES phone action synchronization issue



Here is the situation:

I have PegaCALL configured to work with Avaya AES.


But it seems it's NOTa two-way relationship.


When using actions on the telephony toolbar, every action (with an exception, see below) selected is mirrored on the physical phone.


But, on the other hand, when using an action on the physical phone, this action is not nexessarily mirrored on the toolbar.



I can switch to "available" on the toolbar and it's mirrored on the physical phone.

But if UI try switching to available on the phone, it's not mirrored on the toolbar (so if I was on a pause, I'm still on a ^pause according to the toolbar).

In fact unless I'm conencted to a call, no action on the phone is mirrored on the tollbar.



When switching to "Pause" a user is supposed to enter a code on the phone.

If I switch to "Pause" from the tollbar, the phone is switching but I then cannot enter the code on the phone itself. I have to switch off Pause on the phone then switch back to Pause on the phone and then enter the code.



1) is this "not a full two-way relationship normal ?

2) If it is not, what could be the root problem?

3) How to handle the "pause code" problem?


Any help welcome.



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