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PegaOpenspan Queries

Hi Team,

Kindly clarify the below Pega Openspan queries.

1.How PegaOpenspan applies text mining techniques to solve business problems?

2.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to understand human language and provide an appropriate response?

3.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to ingest historical data and identify patterns to perform "What-If " analysis?

4.Can PegaOpenspan support machine self-managed collaboration and context based conversations?

5.Does PegaOpenspan has the ability to analyze existing BOT interactions and enhance current algorithms, promoting self-learning?

6.Does PegaOpenspan has the ability to extract data by recognizing & translating human voice into meaningful data?

7.Does PegaOpenspan has the ability to extract data by recognizing & translating images into meaningful data, including OCR?

8.Does PegaOpenspan has the ability to scan web pages and extract unstructured data across pages?

9.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to review hand written content, analyze and self-learn patterns using Intelligent character & word recognition systems?

10.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to segregate data into clusters (sources, 3rd party)?

11.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to integrate with web browsers?

12.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to integrate with server based applications?

13.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to integrate with SAP/ERP products?

14.Does PegaOpenspan BOTS can be deployed on desktop, on servers - premise, private cloud and on public cloud, managing consistency in performance?

15.Does PegaOpenspan has capability to set up Logical Partitioning / Isolate data?

16.Does PegaOpenspan has ability can be easily migrated between deployment options?

17.Does PegaOpenspan has ability allows configuration to support disaster recovery?

18.Does PegaOpenspan has ability out of the box support for Backup & restore?

19.Does PegaOpenspan has ability support disaster recovery procedures, Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

20.Does PegaOpenspan has ability analytical capability to help identify root cause problems?

21.Does PegaOpenspan has ability to restart, move and replicate processes across instances?

Please let us know your responses on the same.


Abhijit Ray

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