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Perform Harness with Header, Footer, and Left Nav

The application my team is building requires a header and footer as well as a fixed left navigation column.  There is a screen layout option that has all three, but it is only available when the "Work area" checkbox under "Advanced Settings" is unchecked (we need it to be checked).  Is there some way to use this layout without un-checking the Work area option?

Currently, we have a section within the harness that is always visible on the left hand side of the screen (using the Header Footer screen layout).  Unfortunately, if the section to its right is too tall, the left navigation is left behind when scrolling. The current plan is to potentially set the left navigation section to "position:fixed" using custom CSS, but I'm hoping there is a better way.

Any help in pinpointing the best way to accomplish this would be much appreciated!

Pega Government Platform 8.2 User Interface
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