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Performance issue while copying data from one Pagelist to another


I am having 2 Pagelists (both at same class level). Pagelist1 is having 4000 records with say properties fName, lName and Pagelist2 is having 3000 records with say properties contact, address.

My Requirement is to copy contact and address properties from Pagelist2 to Pagelist1.

Currently I am looping through Pagelist1 and using the unique identifier for the records in both the pagelists, I am using IsInPagelistWhen function to identify the common records in both the pagelists and identifying the index, later using this index to copy the data from Pagelist2 using pagelist2.pxResults(Param.Index).contact.

This is my initial solution and technically it is working but performance wise I don't think its a feasible solution which I am already observing.

Looking for any alternate viable solution where performance can be optimized. Thanks

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