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Rohan Salgaonkar (RohanS50)
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Posted: July 29, 2020
Last activity: July 31, 2020

Personalization of tables (WorkList/ WorkBasket)


I am using table personalization. I want to achieve below 2 requirements.

1: I have total 12 columns in My WorkList and WorkBasket. However, on load of WorkList/WorkBasket ;  I should display only the first 7 columns. I am facing challenge to how to show only first 7 columns out of 12 everytime the WorkList/ WorkBasket will load.


2: For above columns of WorkList/ Work Basket; user can apply filters for any of the above columns. So the requirement is that the  Filter choice will persist even when user has moved away to a different page or even logged out. Once they come back to the Work list/ Work Basket, they will have the exact filter settings applied.

Is there any Pega OTB to implement above 2 requirements.

Tried to implement above with the help of Clipboard pages which generate dynamically for WorkList, WorkBasket. But didnt workout.

Can anyone please suggest some Pega OTB to implement above 2 requirements or any other easier way .



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