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Posted: May 7, 2018
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PMD on SLES - object reference for CB* or OT_TMP* not found

Hello together,

in times of GDPR we need to check our data objects and if they can be housekept and/or deleted. So far we checked the PMD repository and found some tables with no reference in the OBJ_TYPE table. i check the provided purge document and script.

Now my question:
The procedure purge_CStables only lookup table from cancelled / completed campaigns like

SELECT db_ent_name
FROM vantage_dyn_tab
WHERE db_ent_name LIKE 'CS%_%_%' ...
and drops the tables from repository.

The deleted CS tables.have the obj_type_id = 27

All the table we looking for like CB* and OT_TMP_*.
Has the same obj_type_id = 27 like the CS tables.

Could i drop the tables if referenced campaign status is complete or cancelled?

Additional question:

We have 5404 table called like F1080_1_18984_27_0

select * from all_tables where owner='ADVANTAGE' and table_name like 'F%_%_%'

These tables not referenced in vantage_dyn_tab

Could i drop thise tables?

Thanks a lot in advance

i raised this questions 14 days ago, with


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