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Timothy Ladd (GandalfSR)
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Posted: July 6, 2017
Last activity: July 14, 2017

PMF: Get a complete copy of a User Story from one BL to another

I want to copy some User Stories from one backlog to another in PMF. Some stories are complete and some are open.

I have tried the "copy" story. I get Acceptance Criteria and Technical Details. NO Pulse comments and NO attachments.

I have tried "spin off work". I chose to spin-off work and chose User Story and I get the Description of the User Story but NO Acceptance Criteria and NO Technical Details. However, I do get the Pulse Comments and Attachments.

Anyone know how to get a copy of a user story from one BL to another with ALL the components intact? The Description, Acceptance Criteria, Technical Details, Pulse comments and attachments?

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