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Posted: January 10, 2018
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Ponderings on Agile Communities of Practice

With the ‘official’ launch of Pega’s Agile Center of Excellence, I’ve been thinking about agile communities of practice. The CoE of course represents a great start of a online community. I’m an active participant in a number of other virtual forums dedicated to agility – the Agile Uprising Coalition being a favorite website, along with Slack channels like Agility Scales, Agendashift, and Modern Agile. In the ‘real world’ I’ve taken part in a number of the regional agile groups, and recently was invited to co-facilitate the local meet-up. For anyone in the Cambridge MA area, please join us at The Kendall Square Agilists!

As we kick off our CoE, I have the question of “What’s ‘so that’ benefit of having or participating in these communities?” I don’t have a single answer to my question, but there personal benefits nonetheless.

First, there’s something of a draw towards the “Individuals and Interactions” with other agile practitioners. As a dedicated agilest (and reforming know-it-all), there’s an appeal to have a soapbox from which to stand and promote agility. Finally, one of the things I love about the agile realm is the continuous learning mindset. I’ve definitely gained new insights and techniques from taking part in these communities. These new findings inform my practice here, making me a better agilest and enhancing Pega’s agility.

Before I close out with some big bang questions, I have to mention my favorite community of practice: the championship-level “Voltron” team – the super-powered group of Pega Technology Scrum Masters I directly work with.

So the questions I have for the people who’ve made it this far is:

  • What is that you get from being a member of an agile community of practice?
  • How can we provide value to you through this site?
  • What else are you looking for or what more do you need?
  • How can we help?
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