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Populate DateTime field using both date & TimeofDay fields


We have a requirement wherein we need to capture Datetime value. For this, we created Datetime property & used Date time control. As the OOTB date-time control is hard to select date & time values, we thought of using two different properties to capture date & time separately & behind the scenes we are trying to populate the original DateTime property using pxGetSpecifiedTimeOnDate function.

Now what is happening is, logged in user is in the "America/New_York" time zone & we want the DateTime value from this function in the "America/Chicago" timezone. Even though we are passing this time zone as a parameter, we are seeing 24hrs off (1 day less) in the return value.

e.g., @pxGetSpecifiedTimeOnDate("20200106",8,0,"America/Chicago") = 20200105T140000.000 GMT


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