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Posted: July 12, 2021
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Populating DeclareIndex Properties On Implementation Classes


When doing an  import of a product rule that includes new declare index based properties, there is an option to populate the index values.  This seems to work fine when the index is defined in the exact class of the work object that has the properties to be indexed (ex: my index is in myco-fw-work and the actual work class is myco-fw-work).  If however, your declare index is defined in myco-fw-work, and the implementation class is myImpl-work (direct inherits to the myco-fw-work class), then the importer does not create indexes for those tries to add them for the fw class, which because it isn't the real runtime class, it will never actually add the indexes.


Does anyone know if there is a simple out of box work around for this?  We've built a custom queue processor that runs the RecreateIndexesForInstance activity but this does not seem nearly as performant as the ootb indexer that runs on the fw class during import.


@pega, it would be slick if the product rule import wizard evaluated the indexes and gave you a checkbox option list of classes for which to run the job against.

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