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Werden (AndrewWerden)

AndrewWerden Member since 2016 2 posts
Posted: May 17, 2016
Last activity: May 25, 2016

Portal Corruption - common causes?

Finding all portals "messed up" on a freshly restarted ML7 system. This includes both developer portal and designer studio - even when logged in as

It's like style sheets and static content are just not working right.

Tried refreshing browser cache but that did not help. Tried restarting the server

Have tried deleting static content via prsysmgmt but that does not appear to do anything.

Out of desperation, we tried

- down server

- delete pega temp path

- clear browser cache

- start server

to my surprise, that did the trick - partially. The application portal is still corrupted but designer studio works again?

Is this a common situation?

How should I debug this?

Shouldn't there be something in prsysmgmt to 'unhose' corrupted static content?

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