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Possible bug with Cases from differing applications in Pega Personal 8.2

In Pega Personal edition, version 8.2, I had it overwrite the Wait for case type after selecting “get next case” which pulled up another Applications case.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Be the Admin/Author user in Pega
  • Create an application
  • Create a case for the application that has a change in routing step
  • Generate some cases that go to that first step
  • Create another application
  • Create a case with an assignment to another role step
  • Create a child case
  • Make sure there is a wait step and child cases are set to Any and the Child Case in the Wait for (case type) step
  • Create some cases to that first assign step
  • Then go back into those cases with the same user, and finish the case, then select the “Get next” button until a case from the FIRST application you created is selected.
  • Now the wait step parms for Wait for (Case type), will be overwritten with the case type form the first application

I surmise the values for those are being referenced from the parent of the current active case type, and when you get that other applications case, it brings in the parent application information to the list that feeds that field

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