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Possible to config AES to use client certificate over https?


I am about to secure the PRPC server(s) with https and client certificate for 2 way validation. I will also configure a security constraint for the PRSoapServlet allowing only SSL connections (the standard PRServlet still needs to be available via http for our end users (ssl is managed in the firewall/loadbalancer for end users).

However this means all web service clients using it has to use https and also have the certificate installed.

We have AES and I believe - please correct me if I'm wrong - that the surveilled nodes do send health pulses to the AES, but when the AESmanager wants to take a deeper look (like clicking on Reports, Requestors, Agents etc) the AES node do connect to the surveilled node via the PRSoapServlet.

So my worry is that if I force the PRSoapServlet to only answer to requests over SSL I will break AES.

Is it possible to also have the AES node using the certificate and only connect with https?

Thanks in advance


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