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Posted: February 27, 2017
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Post Load Processing Activity of a data page (list) cannot commit the changes in a property

I have an editable mode data page (list) that retrieves a list of records. I used a post load processing activity where I looped over the list of pages from the data page (list) used child rows of activity to get a lock via Obj-Refresh-And-Lock, then used the methods Property-Set, Obj-Save, and Commit. However, the Obj-Save fails: The tracer indicates that it Cannot save a page because it is read-only. I have made sure the Data Page (list) mode editable. I still got the ‘Cannot save a page because it is read-only’.
Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a Data Page (List) with an editable mode
2) Source the Data Page from a Report Definition
3) Include required properties including the pzInsKey in the Report Definition
4) Use Post Load Processing Activity to Iterate over the list of records (D_PageList.pxResults)
5) Use child steps: Obj-Open-By-Handle, Property-Set, Obj-Save and Commit
6) Run Data Page, trace it.

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