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Posted: November 2, 2020
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Posted: 2 Nov 2020 13:37 EST
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Post pega upgrade to Pega 8.4, file listeners is taking more than 1 hour to process the files

Post pega upgrade to 8.4.0, the file listener that runs for 16 mins earlier started running for more than 90 minutes and causing time out issue which makes the remaining 7 file listeners to fail in the batch.  I see the below alert:

Database operation took more than the threshold of 100 ms: 2.702 ms SQL: select 1 from XYZ.pr_sys_app_hierarchy_flat where pzTopAppHash = ? and pzAppHash = ?*”

and much more similar pr_sys_app_hierarchy_flat alert.

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Pega Platform 8.4 Project Delivery Financial Services System Architect Upgrade